Villages Health support Org most commonly known as VHSO is a Non Profit Organisation licenced as an NGO inTanzania,The main Objective is to provide social and economic support,free diagnosis treatment and medicine to the People of remote Villages (With the Help of Regional Doctors and Nurses) where there is absolutely no facilities for Health care and travel to nearby towns otherwise necessary to obtain the service of Physician



Promotion of health decision through education;FGM Family planning

Medical Visits

Door to door visits providing medical treatment to Patient in Villages

Home Visits

Provision of Basic needs to the very needy family such as food,clothes

Economic Empowerment

Empowering Youth and Women Economically through farming,Enterpreneurship

About Us
We work towards improving access to healthcare for the local communities by providing medical supplies, equipment, and training for healthcare professionals. We also work to raise awareness about health-related issues such as disease prevention, maternal and child health, and the importance of nutrition and hygiene.

VHSO main goals

Increase access to healthcare services

One of the main goals of Villages health support might be to increase access to healthcare services in underserved communities in Tanzania. This could involve setting up mobile clinics, providing medical supplies and equipment to rural clinics, and partnering with local health centers and hospitals to provide medical care to those who need it.

Improve health outcomes.

Another goal of Villages health support is to improve health outcomes in the communities it serves. This could involve implementing health promotion programs, conducting research to better understand the health needs of the communities, and advocating for policies and interventions that support improved health outcomes.

Build capacity

Villages health support aims to build the capacity of local healthcare professionals and community leaders. This could involve providing training and mentorship programs to healthcare professionals, as well as leadership and management training to community leaders.


                             Are you in Medical field?
             Would you like to Volunteer in medical field?
    Villages Health Support will give you the Opportunity          to visit Patients in their Home and Help them…!