Cost to Volunteer

Why do I have to pay to volunteer or to do an internship in Tanzania?

Many people ask this question. After all, you are providing your skills and time for free, so why should you even have to pay on top of this? The short answer to this question is: Because costs occur that have to be covered by someone.

Arguably, VHSO – (Villages Healthy Support Organization) have the greatest impact. This is because we are a very important bridge to bringing the local project together with the international volunteer. VHSO also employ teams of people; we purchase supplies and services directly from other local businesses and work with local families, hostels, and apartments to provide accommodations. The overall economic impact in Tanzania, where the we are located, cannot be underestimated.

Why Does Volunteering Cost Money?

Volunteering in Tanzania costs money because when people come to volunteer, expenses are incurred. Volunteers need food, housing, and airport pick-up, among other things. Volunteers also need local staff to provide program orientation, safety management, language skills, and overall leadership and structure of the work to be done.

Some people believe that you should only volunteer for free. However, technically, it’s impossible to volunteer for free. Somebody has to pay for your living expenses. If you aren’t paying, then we as the Organization must pay those expenses. We and Most social projects in developing countries are not organized to provide these kinds of services.

VHSO raise funding (income) through donations, grants, and program fees. For-profits earn income through program fees only. We are required to make their books public, showing how their money is used.  We are happy to provide a detailed breakdown of program fees showing you how your money is used. Remember, we are well-run nonprofits whose missions are clearly-stated and does great jobs.

There are also poorly-run nonprofits and even fraudulently-run nonprofits. Some for-profits are organized to distribute profits to shareholders, but there are many other for-profits that are organized with a clear social mission. These “for-profits doing good” are hybrid organizations that meld for-profit and non profit business models together. These “social enterprises,” as they’re called, channel a significant portion of their income into charitable activities, while also working to provide great services and value to the volunteers.

Can’t it be a little cheaper?

Our rates are thoroughly calculated and in case of volunteer placements just cover our operationals costs. We can therefore not give any further discounts. The majority of similar organizations are much more expensive than we are. Please compare our rates with those of other organizations, but also keep in mind the quality. Without a suitable infrastructure in place In Tanzania – how can you be sure about your safety? 

Does a project really exist that you found somewhere on the internet? Do you want to be accountable if a certain project hasn’t been screened properly, causing possible damage, and you will only find this out after several weeks or months? Will you value the effort that we put into project selection, support and preparation? Volunteer Gouse  is a founding member of Villages Health Support Organization which is an NGO in Arusha Tanzania , committing themselves to certain quality standards.