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Villages Health Support Organization most Commonly known as VHSO is non – profit organization licensed as an NGO in Tanzania, the main objective is to provide Social and Economic support, free diagnosis, treatment and medicines to the people of remote Villages (With the help of regional Doctors and Nurses) where there are absolutely no facilities for health care and travel to nearby towns otherwise necessary to obtain the service of Physicians. 

The Organization was Pioneered and created by Jacob Amon after long experience working with Church Project called “Christ for all Villages” with the aim of preaching the Gospel and win more souls to Christ under the Umbrella of Pentecostal Gospel Ministries International (PEGOMI),After doing that for sometime we realize most of People who live in underprivileged Community need more than a Gospel that is why we realize they need Economic Empowerment,Health support and Medical visits.

Organization envision for community with good health,well education and access to all social services
Promote community,educate health service and facilitate integral human development

While we don’t have any available positions currently, we are always looking for opportunities with professionals. Please check back frequently



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